Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Munchies 2 - Crazy Omelettes Day

The Boyfriend Fiance and I are going backpacking in Japan (in the dead of winter, we are nuts!) so we needed to buy backpacking gear. He had lost his luggage between San Francisco and Montreal while returning from a conference. It did come back later, after having a week-long sojourn in France (we have the stickers to prove it). Anyway the thing is dead as a doornail, after being cracked open by some arschloch official.

So we bought two 60l backpacks at Mustafa. I love Mustafa, especially with Deepavali around the corner. We had a great time squeezing through the crowds and checking out the mechandise on the streets and in the store. The street decorations were repetitive, a huge, disappointing reminder of the recession now upon us.

We went last Saturday after a light lunch (we had overshot our cholesterol limit at MacDingDong in the morning). While catching snippets the new buffet show on TV last Thursday, I became terribly fascinated by the chef churning out omelettes in perfect semi-circles. I was reminded of that episode while watching the Fiance chomp on Big Breakfast.

So I got home and started frying omelettes. I had one failed attempt where I poured in too much egg-milk mixture into the pan, and thus encountered difficulties flipping the omelette. So I made more (remember, my sunny side up episode at the chalet this year?).

A lot more.

About 9 mini tomato omelettes. Way too much Cholesterol. The F was convinced I was trying to do him in... so I fried a simple Farfalle dish. Two omelettes sandwiching a piece of Cheddar (hmm, maybe I was trying to kill him), and Farfalle fried with julienned carrots, onions and asparagus. The plastic looking stuff on top of the pasta is bonito flakes, if you are wondering.

But I digress. The F and I were exhausted after walking through the entire maze of Mustafa Centre (I got to see the Indian Army and Navy uniforms. I love the Navy uniform, though I wonder if the poor men will split their pants when they bend, because they are so tight! Nice asses, though rather visually and "imaginationally" disturbing...

So ladden with our various heavy packages, we popped over to the Tandoori Restaurant next door.

I was attracted by the cute "Superb!" declaration next to the description in the menu for the Butter Chicken, so we ordered that, 1 Puri, 2 Garlic Naans, 1 Chapati, and 1 Cauliflower fried with Potato (I remembered fondly the cauliflower I ate at an Indian NTU schoolmate's wedding) and Masala Tea. I loved the onion side dish that came with the Naan. The butter chicken was as described, pretty superb, with the just right amount of salty, sour and heat. The breads were pretty plain, but adequate in their way, if rather plain-looking. But the Cauliflower, while not being the one I had at the wedding, was very nice. Tandoori Restaurant's staff were attentive, and friendly (except for one Chinese waiter, who suddenly swooped in and cleared my dish without asking me first. Gave me a lovely whiff of Eau De Pit as well with his proximity. *Yeww*). The waitress was very nice to advise us to order ala carte instead of taking from the buffet (which was actually for some private function???), which was slightly expensive for the variety. The price however was rather steep (~$45).

320 Serangoon Road, #01-26 Serangoon Plaza, tel: 6294 2232

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