Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Skipping out on the Company event and overloading on Calories

On Christmas Eve, I had a gastronomically decadent escape with my girls to Jones the Grocer @ Dempsey Road. Instead of getting soaked to the skin in the monsoon rains trying to play treasure hunt (I kid you not, while secretly gloating at their misery, I asked some hapless attendees of their wet experience, and they all pulled faces longer than Bottom's. I knew better you see, since I was privy to the luncheon details already, so I made sure that we skip out. Just think, they had it al fresco style.) we were enjoying a marvelous breakfast with lots of delicious calorie-laden yummies, like the typical English fry-up which I had for S$20++. The other girls also enjoyed a smoked salmon breakfast @ S$14.50++.
Bloody marvelous I do say. A bit ex, considering the rapidly thinning wallets and the gruesome economy on the horizon. But what the hell, me likey.

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