Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Empire State - A Sad Clone

Tried the Empire State at IIuma. Btw did you know that there is a cute little Chinese girl selling even cuter bunny and bear pencil boxes, bags etc on the ground floor?

But I digress. Now we have another cafe doesn't even try very hard to differentiate. Empire State is a Cheap Knockoff of New York New York (which is already pretty bad in its own right), serving the same giant burger, for example. It's almost as if the owners were having dinner at New York² one day and decided there and then that they loved the concept and decided to copy the whole thing, right down to the orange puffball seats. They definitely didn't try very hard to use their imagination, as one can see from the name. And maybe add a cartoon gorilla or two. It wouldn't be more obvious than if they called it Statue of Liberty.

You know flattery is the best compliment? Not in this case. Food's terribly salty, the drinks horrifically sweet. But the quantity? A lot. I couldn't finish more than 5 squares of my teriyaki pizza. I estimate that other places usually only serve 6 squares. Kudos to Empire on that.

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