Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Bus to your Favourite JB Shopping Haunts

For those people who like to go to shopping at our neighbouring shores, don't have a car and are too cheap to take a cab everywhere, like yours truly, check out the Johor Bahru Bus Routes.

For those who love to go to JUSCO Tebrau City, you must go on the J Cards' Members' Day, which is the instore inbuilding(!!!) card. All the shops were offering massive number of items at insane prices!!! My friend and I didn't have (and we also didn't know it was J Day, what a stroke of luck we came today), but we went around asking the very kind Malaysian ladies for their cards. One didn't even bother to see if we were going to steal her card. She just trusted us to buy the stuff and give her back the card. Anyway, as my friend said, she benefited from the points.

Just to demonstrate how insane the sales are, I bought two pairs of slippers from Padini at RM14.50 (=~S$6) and RM16.50 (=~S$6.90) with a borrowed J card. Usual price? RM29 and RM33. And the best buy we made today?

We were walking into JUSCO, when we witnessed this unearthly struggle among a heap of fierce and deeply focused maciks and aunties. The cacophonous announcements made by the salesman with a loudspeaker? Not helping. And the music blasting from the speakers nearby? Totally adding to the competitive vibe.

When you know there is a sale, and there are middle-aged women fighting, you can safely conclude that there is a great sale. (I mean men can never multi-task like women. Eyeballing another aunty's bag as she gives it a thorough QC check, while pulling away a bag from the bottom of the stack, and holding onto another three bags as well as your other shopping? Can a man ever do that and survive?)

OHMIGOD, Beverly Hills Polo bags at 80% off. Fucking 80% off. You will never see these prices here. My friend dived in like a practiced shopper and immediately hauled out some really nice pieces while I gingerly avoided the violent shoving and yanking as eager hands tugged at the treasure pile. We bought 2 Polo bags. Usual Prices RM279 and RM 299. After discount? RM55.8 (S$23.15) and RM60 (S$24.90). Not fake stuff, ok? Sold in a recognised store with legitimate lining. Our mothers were singularly impressed as this brand of bags usually retail in Singapore at S$100~200.

Btw if you want to bus there, don't have to care too much about which buses to go. The very nice uncle in charge of directing all the bus traffic opposite City Square, advised us to go to the last bus stop (furthermost from City Square, in front of AMB Bank) to catch any bus there. They all go past Tebrau City. Just get off at the bus stop under the bridge. Beware 9B though, it turns before Jusco, goes on a long roundabout and is a different stop from the rest of the buses.

Total Bus Fare spent = (from City Square to Tebrau City) RM2.50 + (Tebrau City to Taman Sentosa) RM1.80 + (Taman Sentosa to City Square) RM1.50 = RM5.80 (~S$2.40, 3 destinations). Compare that to the quote of RM7.00 from 3 different taxi drivers to get us back from Taman Sentosa to City Square.

Note: Exchange Rate in Malaysia today - S$1 == RM2.41

Updated!!! (as of 15 Jan 2013)
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