Monday, July 7, 2014

巧克力熔岩蛋糕 Chocolate lava cake ... Not

Came across this recipe, it was really easy for a molten chocolate lava cake. So decided to give it a try after dinner today. I cooked very small portions for dinner tonight, to Bobo's shock. Naturally he was enthusiastic when I said I was going to bake molten lava cakes.
Don't look too closely at the expiry dates :D

Oops, didn't have any ramekins, so I used cupcake shells to hold the cakes (note to self, should reduce the baking time. I also used chocolate chips leftover from the time my neffe came over to bake cupcakes (that was a terrible nightmare). As it was, I actually increased the time to 15 min, instead of the required 12). No wonder when they came out they looked like erupted volcanoes.

Chocolate lava cake
50g chocolate
40g cream
35g Caster sugar
1 egg
25g Low gluten flour/ cake flour

Melt the chocolate in a bowl over boiling water. After it melts,  add the cream to the chocolate and continue melting.
Beat eggs,  add sugar to it then pour into the chocolate mixture.
Mix the flour well  into the mixture. Pour into a ramekin and set aside.
Set oven to 200 degree Celsius. When hot, put cake into oven for 12 min.

Schokolade lavakuchen (Deutsch Rezept)
50g schokolade
40g sahne
35g streuzucker
1 ei
25g kuchenmehl

Schmelzen der schokolade in einen Schüssel auf kochende wasser. wenn der schokolade schmelzt, fügen die sahne hinzu und schmelzen mal wieder.

Schlagen  das ei schaumig. fügen den zucker bevor in schokoladegemisch einfüllen.

Mischen das mehl in schokoladegemisch. einfüllen in eines  Souffléförmchen und bewahren auf.

Backen am 200 grad celsius für 12 minuten.

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