Thursday, November 13, 2014

Mr Bloke's latest Goodwill Parcel

Two Sundays ago while I was at MacRitchie Reservoir, I fell on some slippery gravel and cracked my butt. People, this is a public announcement. If you have a choice between mud and slippy gravel while on a downwards slope, make the clever choice and walk in the mud. 

I am reminded of the ditty that Crayon Shinchan sang in the doctor's office once, while shaking his butt:
医生医生怎么办, 我的屁股变两半!

For those of you who don't understand Mandarin, I have it in English now (pain is the mother of creativity, ask the starving artists):
Doctor Doctor what to do, my butt has split into two!

So I have been pretty miserable, but thankfully Mr Bloke's Goodwill Commiseration Parcel showed up, alleviating my pain for quite a bit. The man always gives such thoughtful presents. Unfortunately for him, I can't measure up in return. :D

Mr Bloke's Goodwill Commiseration Parcel
I'd say that I love love the Rose Book (read a few times, still hadn't figured out what are the rose varieties I have in my garden), Pu-Erh tea (it's an acquired taste, Mr Bloke, and things that taste bitter bad are good for you, that's what we Chinese say, ie. 良药苦口利于病). You see how thoughtful the man is? Not only does he send me tea, but a mug to brew it in! Though I am more of a:

I also appreciate the German dictionary. Less painful to lug around than my giant ass dictionary which is ironically too heavy to refer to, and I don't need internet connection now to access LEO whenever my German friends write me.

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