Sunday, November 15, 2015

Hokkien Booboos - Overheard in a canteen

This conversation was entirely in Hokkien, and overheard by Bobo who was standing behind this Indian dude who was conversing with the canteen operator in Hokkien (kudos to him, I can only understand the bad words). The auntie standing next to the canteen operator listened in on the conversation and wanting to praise the guy said this in Hokkien:

" 瘦瘦一枝骨, 功夫慢慢出" (correct statement: 瘦瘦一枝骨, 功夫看不出)

Note: Since I can't write in the dialect, I will write in Mandarin, please interpret yourself *lol*.

The canteen operator said 好黄 while Bobo sniggered behind the nonplussed guy.

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