Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Deutschland 2012: Planning the trip

Frankfurt Card

Traveling in Frankfurt 


Locker service in Austria train stations: (24h!)

Costs 3,50 euros for a big one. Dump things in, close the lid, and put in the money at the central slot. Ticket comes out. Put in ticket again to open the door.

Visiting Salzburg Guide (written by locals)
http://www.visit-salzburg.net/graphics/seeandpeesalzburg.pdf (pee and see map, very impt)

Salzburg cards

Inner City train Route in München (Munich)

Train/ Subway Fares within München (Munich)
http://www.mvv-muenchen.de/en/tickets-fares/fares/index.html#c7007 (fucking complicated!)
As much as possible, always get the partners' day ticket (if traveling with another person or more). Strip tickets are not worth the trouble and only last one day anyway. Watch out for the zones, though, since we went to Geltendorf (for the Ritterturnier) we ended up buying the entire zone, which was 20 euros. Which is ok, considering one direction direct ticket was 7,50 euros for one person in itself.

Checking bus routes within Munich (German only)
If you can't understand German, dun worry, you are not totally fucked, just use the two drop down menus on the side of these two words.

(obviously the region you are travelling in, e.g. Füssen, Berchtesgaden)
(Bus number) <-optional. Using Region, you can get all the bus routes available in that region. Click on the route and you see this option "PDF herunterladen"? That is the timing for the bus. Click and print.

Checking bus routes within Salzburg (German only)
http://www.salzburg-ag.at/verkehr/obus/fahrplan/ (Just click on the number you want, and print the pdf)

The jaw-dropping rules when taking the train in Germany

Sharing fuel costs with others going the same way

Finally always book your ICE tickets like months ahead. I eyeballed the tickets back in June, where they were a blissful 59 euros (for 2 adults) against the usual 190 euros. Now i book them bloody tickets, they cost me 109 euros. FML.

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