Sunday, July 1, 2012

3 women watch Euro Cup Final

Like I said, my cousin (Y) and I have been chasing the Euro Champ 2012. She has been more successful in staying awake, but thanks to N making me play with him CoH until 5am last night (I slept only 5 hours, waking up to play again w the Amerikaners), I now can't sleep...

Over the weekend, Y has been smsing me asking me who I think will win. I hoped Spain will, since I am still extremely sour that Italy beat Germany. I told her it's the bookies' year, that's why italy won to save their national debt (yes, still mad). I did not bet myself, as it goes against my principles as a German fan to bet Italy to win.

So I gathered some of the toys in the living room to watch the match with me and G.
Watching the match. May our powers combine to curse Italy!
Me (on Skype) - Fickt euch Meatballs. I hope Spain murder you on the field and I can stay awake to watch.
Y smses me to tell me that her sis is up too. So I sms them both my sincere wishes that Italy will die horrible death on the field.
Dun look worried, your boys will murder the oily italians!!
Turns out all three of us support Germany. 

Silva gets a ball in. Italians miss... by a long way (Pirlo needs glasses)
Y (3.15) - Whats up with the Italians!?
Me (3.15) - Suddenly casillas is looking very sexy to me.
Y - Lol he's balding in the middle. I like my Gigi
Me - I can't stand Balotelli!
My fav Balotelli meme
 Y - He will find a way... I wanna bitch slap Silva everytime they focus on him

Casillas blocks another ball.
Me - he is extremely sexy. The whole group looks sexy. Pirlo's engine looks like it is kaputt
C (my older cousin) - The way the Italians are playing now reminds me of monkeys running around. 
C - It looks like Spain is controlling the game.
Schnappi - tapas > meatballs
T (upon me telling him my cousins and I were watching the match) - Lol! Its a girls game :)) (so says the man who was watching it and playing CoH).

Me - Fuck the time difference. Arghz.

2nd Half
C -I guess the coach would be a bit dejected...what with 2 spanish goals and your players dropping like flies.
Y - I go zzz.
Me - (knocked out somewhere in the 70th min mark) - zzzz
C- It was very nice of Torres to do that... I would think most people would think of personal glory vs team glory.
Me - (caught no ball) Huh?

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