Sunday, January 12, 2014

[12 Jan 2014] Acapella @ Botanical Garden

We went to watch the acapella concert at Shaw Foundation Symphony stage. It was a massive pain in the ass to walk from Botanical Garden. Btw smarter bears do not walk up the red brick path thinking it is a shorter path. Yes, it saves distance but it brings you way past the stage. The lower road path is a better idea, though it is longer. It does reach the stage by going past the Au Petit Salut.
Despite my bad directions, we managed to reach there in time and set up our mat to watch the concert. We were a little worried by the dark skies. The rain kept playing tricks on us, by raining then stopping then raining again...we were only drenched a little, but the umbrella did get away from Bobo at one point.

We picnicked on Pringles and sushi. Eaten rather hastily thanks to the unreasonable weather. We saw a Chinese family eating chicken rice and porridge, which sent us to hunt for a porridge dinner after the event.
And enjoyed the sounds of GoodFellas, Micappella, and Key Elements. My favorite was Micappella. I especially liked some of their covers, e.g. Lorde's Royals (oncore piece), because they did recent songs. I was a bit confused by GoodFellas using instruments. Wasn't it a acapella performance? I wished their music was louder, and they seemed to play very country music style, which I didn't like. I thought Key Elements was not bad too, and felt a little bad that we didn't yell encore for them. Their music was more soothing (jazzy after all) and good for a sleepy wet afternoon, whereas Micappella was more rousing.
Key Elements
For the children, who found fun by rolling down the grassy slopes, going down the stone stair rail like a slide, and running around, there was distraction in the form of wire art, sand art and face painting. I told Bobo the makeup artist was pretty, but he was too lazy to move.
Wire art
While coming out of the Botanical Garden, LKY passed by us in a buggy. Cool right? We only realized when someone coming onwards, said "thank you sir for everything". ??? We were naturally nonplussed but after a while, it sank into our brains it was the LKY.
GoodFellas - they play @ Timbre

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