Friday, January 24, 2014

Mr Bear for "sale"

I was talking to my new penpal about painting, and at some point of the conversation, I showed him some of the paintings I did. He liked the Mr Bear one and asked me to sell it to him.

Since my Mr Bear is kinda of old and dented (from falling off the wall because of the lousy putty I used to stick him up), I suggested doing him a new one. In lieu of $ (despite my love for it, it seems very crass), I suggested my friend get me a book on mixing paint. I have a lot of yellow based paints due to my love for painting flowers, esp yellow flowers (the gardening committee might have a point), so it will be good that I can save some money by learning how to mix paint.
I tried to do a new version of Mr Bear, and showed the WIP (the background was not WIP) to my penpal. He didn't really like the style. So I did the same as the old Mr Bear.
It's been oil sealed since, which gave it a nice sheen. Once it is dry (I think should be ok by tomorrow), I will mail it to my penpal.

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