Friday, January 24, 2014

[reddit] Birthday greeting surprise

Last year, I wanted to do a Christmas gift exchange on reddit. Then I lost Bobo's car keys (I thought I dropped it while at the bank, turned out it was on the dining table. Only found out after I spent S$1K to replace the keys and get a new lock frequency). So I limited myself to giving Christmas greetings.

Other than taking part in the Christmas card exchange on reddit, I was searching for other Christmas card requests. Came across this request posted by a devoted boyfriend asking for postcards to be sent to his girlfriend for her birthday in Jan.

As it turned out he posted to many countries' subreddits in the hopes of scoring a postcard for his girl from every continent. I posted one too, after getting an address from him (he requested for birthday greeting in other languages as well).

太阳是金色的,(the sun is golden)
月亮是银色的,(the moon is silver)
你的生日是彩色的,(your birthday is colorful)
愿你被幸福环绕,(wish you be surrounded by good fortune)
被好运追逐,(chased by good luck)
被快乐降伏,(yield lots of happiness)
被笑容粘住。(stuck on by smiles)
那时别忘了,(at that moment don't forget)
有人在远方为你祝福, (someone from far away wished you well)
生日快乐!(Happy birthday!)

So today I finally received a reply, he showed the 105 cards and packages to her. So cool right? He even google mapped the locations that they came from:
Happy Birthday again, Brodie!~

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