Friday, April 14, 2017

Interesting quips from 涂磊

Our fav youtube show before we got netflix was 爱情保卫战, though it is slowly being replaced by another favorite 一转成双, which I was reassured by Mr Bear that would deliver violence on top of the volatile relationships ( I had to watch like 20+ blurry episodes before someone finally got slapped).

But of course 一转成双 does not have the erudite 涂磊, whom we cheekily nicknamed a nice foul word courtesy of the Canton dialect. He can toss 4 worded, 8 worded chinese idioms 蒺藜火毬-style at warring couples. Sounds very bombastic, but I cannot really understand them (possibly because my Mandarin is pretty shite).

Here's a great sample:

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