Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Saturday Munchies 5 - Pineapple dinos

I almost forgot that I made pineapple dinos the weekend before Lunar New Year. Being incredibly efficient (read: lazy) I bought 1kg of ready made pineapple filling at Phoon Huat for S$3.80.

Dudes, do I seriously regret making it myself, despite disliking the raw material (real pineapples). The pineapple filling does its job, at about 30% satisfaction. Too sweet, not enough tart and too much flour.

So I added the juice of half a lemon and shredded all its rind into about 0.5kg of the filling. In the meantime I made the dough using milk powder, egg, flour and butter (no sugar, filling being too darn sweet already). This is where I made my critical error, I mixed in the egg I was going to use for eggwashing the cookies, into the dough, making my dough wetter. I had to add in more flour and milk powder, resulting in a less buttery-tasting while still crumbly crust.

Notice I didn't use the traditional shapes, but shaped fat little curry puff- looking ones. I still prefer to call them my little Stego Dinos.

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