Thursday, February 26, 2009

I am PISSED about my Android Dev Phone

WTF is Google's Problem?

Killing developer phones' access to paid and/or copy-protected applications, while unlocked phones can gleefully access paid applications without paying? WTF!!!!

"The Developer version of the G1 is designed to give developers complete flexibility," Google said in a statement. "These phones give developers of handset software full permissions to all aspects of the device... We aren't distributing copy protected applications to these phones in order to minimize unauthorized copy of the applications."

What a joke. Even developers who upload their paid apps into Android Market cannot access their app.

I paid S$700 plus for my bloody android developer. Totally regretting it. Should have considered what one of the guys in the office is thinking, getting a locked Singtel and hacking it. Gott Demn it!!! Google, was zum Teufel glaubst du?

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