Saturday, February 14, 2009

Extreme Valentine! I do cherish you...

My beloved new... Developer G1.

It came in a UPS express box, delivered by the sexiest delivery boy, the F.

Finally after hesitating for months, and waiting for the USD to drop again, I held the box in my hands and then dropped it. Twice.

Who wants to bet how long will the phone last at my hands?

The minute I opened the box, I declared my love and eternal loyalty, to the phone, much to the chagrin of the F.

After I put in the prepaid card I bought later in the afternoon to register the phone and access the Internet, I discovered to my horror, that about S$2 was eaten in less than 25 minutes after connection. I was reminded of David Neiger's "Bill explosion: Google Android silently phones home" (5 Jan 2009) article I read about T-Mobile's G1 calling home (albeit from UK to USA) like ET, silently despite manually disabling data roaming, data sync and 3G. The article said that T1 Mobile G1 loves the Internet. Well, turns out Starhub G1 loves you too, Internet.

Now I have to stick to my emulator. For better or for worse (for my wallet). To think I used to bitch that the emulator takes hell of a long time to boot up? Well, the phone does that too. And it is plenty hot as well. Sucks. Worse than my enfant terrible Samsung.

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