Saturday, April 3, 2010

Holiday Munchie - Picnic at Kranji Reservoir

You may be wondering what the hell is this?

It is the view from our newly bought tent, without the cover. We were bored waiting for the tide to recede to a lovely clam-digging friendly level, so we decided to pitch our tent for fun, since it did not come with instructions. We also learnt that our tent is pretty cheapo versus those pitched by the Malay families around us. Theirs could be lifted up easily and moved after pitching, because theirs come with little holders at the bottom (i.e. theirs could even sit upright on a concrete pavement), while ours have to be driven into the ground.

This is the second time we are at Kranji Reservoir. I am addicted to digging for clams. It is fun, brainless (quite a pun, considering that clams do not have brains), and I get to burn some energy. It's like digging for treasure. And best of all, it's free, unlike the stupid prawning, which you have to pay a lot of money to catch less than five prawns in two hours.

I made a curry bento, using leftover instant Japanese curry cubes. Yes, I admit that my recent reading of this blog, Life of an American Mommy in Japan, has somewhat put me in a Japanese curry frame of mind (I have read up to August 2006, currently), since I kept reading curry dinner (seems to be the author, Gina's #1 Japanese meal) posts in the blog. Not that I want to toot my own horn, but I feel that my octopus hotdogs are the best looking that I have ever done them.

A lot of the people were braver and went down into the sea, when it receded to calf level, to catch flower crabs with their bare hands(!!!). I consider flower crabs to be bad eating, since they don't really have much meat, and I don't like too many colors in my seafood (I also don't like eating Thilapia, and Red Snapper). So anyway we continued waiting until we could see patches of treasure trove land.

We dug out 70+ of clams and mussels each, on top of the 56 clams and 67 mussels we dug out the previous week. Quite a bountiful harvest, except that B1 only likes clams and I only like yanking the mussels as they struggle to get away. I did cook some clams in a miso soup last night after we came back from our Pulau Ubin Cycling trip from Hell but I was too exhausted to take a photo. After we started eating, we later realised that only one of the rare big clams we dug out, which is the giant one in the photo was the real Lala clams. We had no idea what was the species of the rest of the clams except that they were very bad eating, as they had a really nasty muddy taste, despite my soaking them in salt water for >24 hours.

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