Monday, April 26, 2010

Excellent Android Tutorial Sites

Last Updated on 27 Feb 2013
For Beginners:
How to set up Eclipse and Android (written by yours truly a very long time ago)
Google's App Inventor (you may need a phone for this, unless they changed the situation since I last logged in)
Errors when developing Android (weird stuff and other Android epic failures that I encounter, growing list)
Gingerbread Tutorial 

Media Player tutorial and others
Assist Screen Layout with DroidDraw Actually I prefer its xml widget guide
Learning the different Android Layouts
Android Common Tasks
Why Android
Android Colors (from Google). E.g. android:textColor="@android:color/black"
and of course The Developer Guide SDK reference at Google. Duh.
How to access your SQLite dB from command prompt

General Tutorials:
MobileTuts - tutorials for mobile development, not limited to Android
Robert Green - Dude behind Battery Powered Games LLC. He has a help forum.
Tutorial for Android- A blogger Almond Mendoza helping fellow Android coders 
Getting started in smartphone development (mostly books, can ignore)
The New Boston (including education?)

Tiny Tutorials:
Passing values between activities
Read and write to XML file
Write to XML file in SD card
How to do the iPhone flip
Horizontal progress bar

Facebook SDK for Android (latest update)

Learn Android
Pro Android book

Examples for reference:
Timer Example
Multi-touch example
Project 2030

Publishing your app:
How to prepare your android app for publication
Adding EULA to Android app

Other useful sites:
Free sounds for applications

Physics 2D
- Tutorial for Box2D (useable for Android) Download Box2D.
- APE (not usable for Android, unless you grab the java version - for my own reference)
Flash tutorials 

Blogs & Forums:
Android Coding from Berlin
Cactus Apps
Show me the code!
Java Code Trips & Tips (excellent bug removal tips)


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