Monday, April 5, 2010

I am even more disturbed now

I didn't want to cycle up the steep slope past the Chinese cemetery because (1) I knew I couldn't get all the way up (2) I knew it was a dead end (3) there was a signboard that warned us that only authorised vehicles should go past the gated barricade.

Now there was another reason why.... turns out it was the place where that poor mommy died almost two years ago, when she and her daughter fell off their tandem coming down that slope. And also that is also where:

Excerpt from Residents call it "Cemetery Road", Pulau Ubin Stories, 12 September 2008

Longtime resident Ong Kim Cheng, 50, said he avoids cycling along that stretch because of stories about an old female ghost lurking there.

He said in Mandarin: 'I don't like to ride around this area because of the stories about this place being haunted. People say that they've seen a female ghost here while picking durians, so I am not surprised about the accidents.

'But the slope is really quite steep and can be quite dangerous if you're not careful.

'I've seen cyclists with scratches and bruises walking back to return their damaged bikes after falling along this slope.'

Superstition aside, the islanders agree that this is one of Ubin's most dangerous roads to cycle on.

It's called Jalan Wat Siam because there was previously a Thai temple there. It was relocated to Jalan Kayu last year.

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