Sunday, April 4, 2010

Six Steps to Your own iPhone App in Singapore

This blog is called nibblezware and yet it has been super long since I last posted anything techie. So sad...

Excerpt from The Sunday Times, April 4 2010

Six Steps to Your Own (iPhone) App
Some "app-stract" knowledge, like 'Objective-C' a software programming language, helps.

But it seems like anyone can be a iPhone developer these days. There are six steps:
1. Apply to be an Apple developer at A fee of US$99 (S$139) a year is levied.

2. Download the free iPhone software kit from

3. Start writing the prgramming code for your software application. In practice, a simple app can be finished in two days.

4. Submit your app with screenshots to Apple for approval. Apple does reject apps. If it happens, fix the problem and resubmit.

5. Once Apple approves the app, it will be posted to App Store as a free or paid app.

6. With more than 150,000 apps in the virtual marketplace, you have to get noticed. Build a buzz by engaging with other developers. Start a blog, produce screenshots and mail out press releases. In Singapore, send to IMerlion (

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