Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Kein wunder why I am tired...

I am very exhausted nowadays. Even going to bed earlier doesn't seem to work. I am not conscious that it is a restless sleep, and I wake up feeling very tired without realizing why. I already don't sleep enough so I feel very anal and nasty the next day.

Last night, I went to bed as usual. Apparently it rained very hard, which I did not hear because I was sleeping through the rain (so complained Bobo who had to get up and close the windows). But to me, it felt as if I wasn't sleeping and I was feeling very stressed, hot and fidgety.

This morning Bobo asked me. 

"Did you know you freaked me out last night?"

"What did I do?"

"You were snoring. I got up to close the windows because of the rain and then I happened to look at you. Then you suddenly opened your eyes, looked at me and whined "我没有睡到" ("I didn't sleep at all" - English), then closed your eyes and went back to snoring. Did you know how freaking scary that was?"

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