Sunday, March 3, 2013

In flagrante fartico

The two of us are in the descending lift, when B1 suddenly farts. It's a running joke between us, especially since he doesn't like it when I make the nasty sound.

It is an especially loud one, and we are laughing appreciatively (too comfortable with each other for our own good), when the lift suddenly slows down to our horror. A mother, with two young kiddies and her maid in tow, comes into the lift. None of them notices our look of guilt, especially the hapless boy who moves towards the rear of the lift (B1 and I are both leaning against opposite walls perpendicular to the door. 
The boy stands between us. And for the most bizarre reason, he starts sniffing REALLY LOUDLY *lol*. Sniff Sniff Sniff (3 times)! He then wears a very peculiar expression. Must be because he is the perfect height for taking in the Odious Maximus. We are truly caught in flagrante delicto.

B1, the dick he is, immediately puts a finger across his nose, pretending that the offender is me. Offended, I pointed at him. The kid ignores both of us and moves closer to the door (probably in the vain attempt to inhale fresh air). 

When we alight, and barely reach out of earshot, I screech like a banshee with laughter while B1 scolds me like a naggy granny for outing him.

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