Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Struggling to stay awake

Imagine a female with tanned skin, hairier on top and many years younger and you would get me... I am struggling to stay awake nowadays to do my coding. Just loading the bloody android SDK is making me feel like shooting myself in the head. To tell you the truth, everytime loading the SDK kills my wavering interest, and I run off to watch tv or play CoH. I admire Mr Bear's determination. He's been staying up to read Objective C and Android coding, which is probably the reason why he is walking around zombified nowadays. And me, hopping around like a Chinese vampire, which make us look like petrified undead.

I was grumbling to Mr Bear about having difficulty building the game that I have been thinking of doing for many years since Burgerstacko. He suggested a different approach which is actually really quite simple to do. Will need some time to build the graphics though, but pretty doable. Hmm. Damn.

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