Thursday, February 14, 2013

Mom, will this chicken give me man boobs?

[image] (Yes, it is the author's webpage)
First of all, what's up with this book cover? I swear it is as embarrassing as having a blog called "My life as a Tiny Plasticine Penis"!

I passed this book to Bär, who started reading like 6 weeks ago, and still wasn't done by yesterday (book is due today, and I hadn't read it yet). And we both concluded it is very embarrassing to be caught reading this in public. So he ended up reading it during lunchtime, I read the book from my lap and we both used brochures to cover the book when out in public.

Robyn Harding, author of other creatively named tomes like "The Journal of Mortifying Moments" and "My Parents are Sex Maniacs" writes about how she tries to raise an environmentally conscious family. The book is full of oxymorons, as Robyn points out in the case of buying greens. Is it right to buy an apple from New Zealand (the family is in British Columbia, Canada) because Down Under has more prime growing conditions and harness better renewable energy? Or better to be a locavore (buy and eat local)? Or how they went to EPIC Vancouver, ostensibly to learn about sustainable living, but ended up buying healthful food that they don't need and bringing back lots of brochures.

Robyn also points out her own "green" failings in a hilarious manner. She calls herself "light green" in how she tries to be environmentally conscious, and reminds others to do the same, yet delighting in long baths and long distance flights while hating public transport.

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