Monday, February 25, 2013

A different slice of Johor Bahru, Malaysia - What I bought

I am going to copy cat my favorite blog, Life of an American mommy living in Japan, who sometimes share on stuff she buys from the USA back to Japan (I wish I could convince B1 to become a professor  work at an airline instead :D, but I doubt I will be free to fly anywhere).

As usual, I didn't bring enough money. I was so confident that this trip would be devoted to walking and enjoying new sights, that I only brought 50SGD on top of the 133RM I already had. As usual, all the money was burnt up buying stuff, only I still can't figure out what did I do wrongly. I think I only brought 10 cents back or something *hopeless*. This is why I backpack when I travel if not I will go bankrupt buying stuff back. Only the weight of lugging luggage around can deter me. Just refer to the number of books I brought back from Germany...12.
Preserved Fillipino mango and plums for Bär. He loves preserved stuff (whereas I don't really like them and spent a lot of time walking around this new big store in Tebrau City, totally devoted to selling preserved fruit). I told him if he didn't eat it I will give him hell. Indeed, the present that keeps giving. :D
I bought a tee and shorts for B1. The man keeps wearing the same bloody grey tee that shows up so much in this blog, that I simply have to tempt him with replacements.  
This pussy cat bag is for me. The *^%$# red one (I am pissed because its clasp came undone and my COACH sunglasses fell out) has pretty much rotted through, so I am trying to repair it with my bad sewing skills. In the meantime, I needed a new one.
Towels, especially microfibre towels. My apartment is a bloody water trap (more humid than normal), so I need things that can dry quickly), and an oven mitt. You'd be surprised how many times I burnt myself when using my wicked microwave oven.
I bought some rose tea, and specially concocted ginseng and rose tea (left) and Shark's Bone Abalone soup (right). No need to figure out the amounts myself. Instant restoratives!~

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