Tuesday, August 14, 2012

男人不坏女人不爱 My Haul of books from Germany

I am ashamed to say I did not buy much souvenirs back this year. First thing, no matter how much that bloody euro has dropped, it will still be stronger than the Singapore dollar for the foreseeable future. I will upload a pic on how much crazy ass euros we changed for the trip. I also realized that German books are also very expensive in Germany, and they seem remarkably fond of hard covers for books.
Das Geschenk meinem Geburtstag von Schnappi
Second thing... I didn't dare to risk the luggage limit. When we went to Germany, our combined luggage weight was 29kg, when we came back it was 42kg (limit turned out to be 23kg each, so 46kg total)...thanks to the books I bought myself as well as those Schnappi gave me + lots of sausages.

I didn't even dare to buy another bottle of the St Peter's wine back for myself. I had bought two, one for HM and the other for Schnappi from Salzburg's St Peter's monastery. Hauling them back to Germany in my backpack was no joke, I'd tell you. 

As you can see, Schnappi went for a smorgasbord of German books, of varying difficulties. I think I am going to have a super fun time reading the whole pile. I already had difficulty unwinding the metal wire that he wound around the books. Very eco, but I poked myself a few times. To tell you the truth, the best present was the German flag. I am contemplating sewing it on my backpack (the one I used for my travel).

As for me, I know my limits, so I chose all my usual favorite kindergarten books and comic books. The only book I didn't buy was Heidi, which was what I really wanted anyway. Did you know the first English book I read was Heidi, which was ironically translated from German?
My Souvenirs for myself
I am glad I listened to HM and did not buy the Struwwelpeter, and Max and Moritz books at the souvenir books (they cost 6.99 euros each anyway). He said I could buy them cheaper at ordinary book shops, and on my last day in Frankfurt, I walked past a bookshop which had some bookshelves outside. They were selling books on WWII weaponry (B1 was mourning he could not understand German so he reasoned that he could not buy them) and specifically... Struwwelpeter and Max and Moritz.

The book seller was highly amused. He said, "you like naughty boys?"

Yup. =D

Doesn't he know? 男人不坏女人不爱?

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