Friday, August 3, 2012

Adoring Gothic Architecture at Michelstadt

Through the rabbit hole and into the beautiful town of Michelstadt
First thing HM did upon leaving Frankfurt was to drive us to Michelstadt, which I simply adored, because it has all the old Gothic timber-framed houses *love love love*! I lingered long after the others, taking photos of all the old houses I could find. Some of them were so old that the floors sunk because the timber stretched over the centuries. I could have a ladyboner just looking at some of these houses.  Some people dig Disneyland, me, I just really love looking at life-sized half-timbered houses. I drew one of them when we told to draw our ideal house back in convent school, though I made some bad judgement and used cream walls against the dark wood.
My dream house had a balcony like this one too!!! Mr B approves!
I wish I could sell up and move to this idyllic little town. Seriously.
Michelstadt's town hall or Rathaus
It even came with a cute ass super old Rathaus (town hall) which was built in 1484 and once captured on a Deutsche Post stamp.
Mr B sits inside the Rathaus, with the super picturesque background
I like the grapevines climbing up the sides of this house with the iron kitty. Greyish blue is a cute look too!
'Drei Hasen' literally 3 Hares. Check out the 3 hares on the signs!
Could see that the inhabitants tried to keep the original flavor of their many droll buildings. For example, there was a Backerei (bakery) sign over one little door, but was actually fronting a flower shop now. The Drei Hasen Hotel and Restaurant was another pretty building with three hares everywhere. If you look on the top left of the picture above, you will see a golden hare haunched on a sign.
Toy shop in Michelstadt with old storybook characters painted between the frames
The toy shop "Spielwaren Dietz" has a lot of old storybook characters painted between the timber frames. Check out (clockwise from top left): Frog Prince, Hansel and Gretel, the Billy Goat Mother (you know the one where the wolf pretends to be her when she is away and ate her children and she cuts its tummy up to release her babies) with the scissors, Red Riding Hood, the 4 musicians from Bremen, Cinderella, and one of Snow White's Dwarves. NW knows her fairytales ok! *victory sign* I also bought one in German from my trip but that is another story.
There were a lot of private walled gardens near this park. There used to be a little river running through the old moat on the other side the town, but it has long dried up.
Cute little wheelbarrow with lots of flowers!
HM brought us to Cafe Siefert (within Michelstadt) for frühstück which is another wonderful experience that can only be captured in another entry by itself.

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