Saturday, August 4, 2012

Damn, I knew there was something I forgot 2

Still jet-lagged, I nearly missed meeting up with my cousins, you know the ones who were watching the World Cup final while exchanging messages with me?

I was bitching about how jet-lagged I was since coming back.
Y: Have you been watching the Olympics since you can't sleep?
Me: Nah, what is there to watch?
Y: I have been watching the swimming. I am so tired now.
Me: Go and sleep. You should appreciate the fact you can sleep, unlike me.
Y: Cannot! Today is the last day of the Swimming!

I didn't get why she was so enthusiastic. On the Richter Scale of excitement it was almost like "World Cup Ramos". I had stopped watching any form of swimming ever since they invented that stupid swimming costume that covered up the best parts of the men. I mean the LZR racer suits and similar.

Then I went home and googled a bit on the Olympics. Oh fuck... they have banned such suits on grounds of technical doping... and I am missing this *pointing downwards on the photo below*...WTF. It is like Magic Mike at the pool. Fuck it!
Of course, I also missed the fun stuff about Ryan Lochte (supposedly the guy in the middle) who apparently only does one-night-stands according to Mommy dearest or is a sexy douchebag.

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