Friday, August 3, 2012

Till Pee do We apart

When we were coming down on the Tegelbahn (cable car up and down the Tegelberg), we encountered this young European couple kissing each other passionately in the building, tongues and everything. Even after they finally came up for air, the guy slowly moved away from his other half and their fingers lingered so until they were holding onto each other's fingertips before they regretfully parted, fingers tingling like "magic fingers". The girl even made a clutching gesture at her heart as the guy walked away.

[Roy Lichtenstein's Kiss. Img source:]
We thought that it was because only the guy was going up the Tegelbahn, but turned out, he was only going to the loo.

Take so long, later your bladder burst into flames. *sourly*

B1 said "this is a case of till pee do them apart".

You have to give it to the Caucasian people, they really love and hate with true passion.

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