Tuesday, August 7, 2012

The Great Scurvy Scare of 2012

A day before flying off for Germany, I was typing away at a meeting when I suddenly paused in thought. That was when I noticed the back of my left hand had two distinctive brown spots. I was puzzled...

"Google said it could either be liver trouble, scurvy ..." I pronounced seriously to B1 when I got home. I was quite harried because I was working even on the day we were flying off, so B1 was practically flying off the handle by the time I got home (nearly 8 pm, we needed to get to Changi Airport by 9pm.) It was nearly as bad, when we were coming home, we were running through Frankfurt's Terminal 1 because boarding time was 2050 Uhr and we were still going through the security checks at 2045 Uhr, where I was held back by 1 German Customs officer who was suddenly interested in why a Singaporean can speak terrible German, and then by another German Customs officer who wanted to know why I was carrying two blades in my backpack...another story.

He was even more worried, because he noticed that his right hand had a brown spot too. So after we checked in at the airport, he bought some Vitamin C pills while I was wondering how did we both get scurvy (if it was just me, it could be liver trouble... but two persons in the same household? B1 was of the mindset that I passed him some VD. With who, ass? My phantom Ang Mo Boyfriend?)

It took us 5 days, when one strange brown spot came off my hand suddenly to reveal new skin underneath, to realize it was the result of oil scalding from two weeks back. 

B1 liked to eat prawns, which I DETEST. So I made him peel the prawns and deep fry them with me. We were both scalded by the oil because for once, I did not control the fire properly as the prawns were frozen ones and I was too impatient to wait for them to thaw and dry before frying them...

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