Monday, August 27, 2012

New bolster cover

I was preoccupied with making a new bolster cover. My usual round robin of interests finally swung back to sewing. I had bought much cloth, and sewing materials before, but never actually sewed anything at all :D
But since my youngest Aunt gave me her sewing machine, I decided to use it to make the new bolster cover for G. I realized not only I could not hit a pool ball in a straight line, I also cannot sew in a straight line, even with a sewing machine.

And I somehow managed to make the machine choke up a few times. Sigh. In the I had to hand stitch the hems. Not that I want to be a big show-off, but aren't my stitches nice? You can't even see them on the other (right) side!
If you look closely, you will realize that I have cut the cloth against the grain. Sigh. Worse thing is that the right side is very rough, now hugging G at night is like having the dead skin on my face exfoliated off like layers of an onion.

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