Sunday, September 2, 2012

I am cow hear me moo

HM passed by a lot of fields while we were driving towards Füssen. Like the city cat released into the countryside for the first time, I happily checked out what was growing on the fields (when I was not sleeping, I am someone who can't handle jet lag well). 
Sun bathing sunflowers
We can't look at you. We are sun worshippers!
Rye, sunflowers (so adorable as they pointed their faces towards the sun), grapes, corn... corn?

In fact I saw as many fields for corn as rye. 
"Do you guys eat corn, HM?"

"No, it's for fuel, and cows. We feed corn to the cows."

Moo?  I gaped a little because I am super fond of corn, even though the supposed blood type diet says corn is poisonous to me. Tortilla chips, tacos, corn, corn, corn!

So a few days later, as we walked past the fields in Erding, I ventured again. "Schnappi, do you eat corn?"

"No, only cows eat corn." Came the emphatic answer.

There you go, folks, I am officially a cow.
Moo. [img source :]
I do note however that at Sinn Flut festival where Schnappi brought us, I did see a kiddie eating BBQ corn.  So phew.

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