Wednesday, September 5, 2012

I did bring home a German-born Blond Male

My achilles heel is tall blond guys with blue or green eyes.
Call Me "Steiffmeister". B1 wanted to call him Monsieur B, but that's Mr B's name (on this blog)
While we were visiting the Steiff museum (more on that later), I asked B1, may I have a teddy bear as my birthday present? Talk about letting him off easy (I had originally intended to get German book as my present). But after staring at all those teddies in the museum and shop, I really wanted one. HM said that that the lady who was demonstrating how teddies were made, told him that only those teddies that wear the "Made in Germany" stub on their left ear, are really made in Germany. The rest are made in other parts of Europe and QCed in Germany.

So searching all over the shop for a teddy which wasn't mindblowingly expensive, I found this guy. Huggable and adorable. :D

On the way back from Germany, B1 turned to me and remarked drolly "hey, you did bring home a gin mo (blond-headed) male back from Germany."

I had threatened to "scheidung" him a few times when he made me mad there, and come back to Singapore with a blond man. I came across the word on a gossip magazine headlining Heidi Klum's ongoing separation, and we had been using it on each other ever since. It is our favorite German word.

I replied, "he doesn't have blue or green eyes. Fail. Looks like I am stuck with you."

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