Monday, September 10, 2012

How I ended up eating > 5 eggs in 1 day

I have to admit I can be a real tight pussy over spending $, whereas B1 is no-holds-barred on his wallet when it comes to buying electronic gadgets for himself. Too bad that generosity is not spilled over to me. The man is pretty calculating when it comes to mutual expenditure nowadays. He is so alike my father in so many ways, and yet this is one bloody quality he does not share with Vater.

Anyway, I wasn't sure what to get for his birthday. So I hypocritically bought him some dry Sake from Nipponya (a Japanese speciality store in ION). I say hypocritically because I am always on him about his alcohol consumption. But it is a special occasion so hmm...

The deal about the eggs was that we had fried eggs for breakfast that morning. 2 apiece, then I had yong tau foo in the afternoon, I thought, hey, nothing wrong with 1 more egg, so dumped one into my bowl... then at night, when I popped home to grab B1's birthday presents (I also got him a jacket, and a "I am a real boy" Pinochino tee which he absolutely hates *delighted*), Vater asked "you ate already?"

He continued, that Mutter had called earlier to tell him she was going to be late back coming home from Bruder's. So he only had the curry which he had already started making hours ago. He told me to sit down while he dished me up a plate. I thought why not, I was intending to get dinner at Orchard road. Since he hadn't cooked the rest of the dishes yet, Vater fell back on our favorite side dish.

I was like shit... when I saw the curry came topped with 2 fried eggs. In my household, where all 4 of us can cook, the biggest insult you could deal to the cook of the day would be to open a can (always sardines, not sure why) as a side dish. That's  how I developed a hatred for sardines, since I get "sardined" the most often in the family. On the other hand, I like to "sardine" my parents by frying two eggs. I am the biggest egg consumer in the family.

But I would have been very happy to eat sardines that day.
I wonder how many eggs went into this cake?!
Gulping down the eggs, I gathered B1's present then headed home to wipe down the fridge where I had unwittingly spilt 1 litre of milk (so wasteful and expensive!!!) in the fridge because I had not capped the milk back properly in the morning. It was a bitch to clean, because I had placed the milk sideways on the top shelf, and it spilt all the way down to the last shelf, which was the meat chiller *heart also chilled when I opened the fridge*.

Then finally exhausted I hauled myself to Orchard road, where I headed straight to Takashimaya's Rive Gauche. I wanted to buy a strawberry shortcake... but when I got there, all they had were Mont blanc and the usual generic cakes with fruits on top which you can get from any bakery. Yes, I know strawberry shortcake is also a cake with fruit on top. But their strawberry shortcake is of a much better standard, which is also evidenced by their crazy prices.

So I bought Mont Blanc. Rive Gauche's Mont blanc is actually yam cream (that's the brownish gray streaks you see), and they also mix boiled chestnuts inside the vanilla cream that sits between the sponge cake layers. As usual, Japanese patisseries are not overly sweet, just a light sweetness and the natural taste of the fruits shines through. yummy :D
Check out the little boiled chestnut buried between the cream and sponge layers
Best irony, B1 couldn't even figure out that the cake was topped with yam cream. Sigh, the man eats to live. The joke was also on me, because I went to chew on the brown cardboard (that you see on the right corner of the cake), thinking it was sheet chocolate. Rive Gauche used to use sheet chocolate for their company logo so I just automatically forked the thing into my mouth with the cake. Shit. 

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