Thursday, September 20, 2012

Blogging and Camwhoring

I love to read blogs because it allows me to live my meaningless life as a plasticine penis through others' more exciting lives. I really don't have a life. I work, I don't sleep much, I play Company of Heroes, and sometimes I play the violin, paint, write and now sew.

I esp like reading younger girls' blogs not because they are filled with "deep" thoughts and observations of life (trust me, they are not) or that I am a stalker but rather because they are filled with delightful photos of them camwhoring with their friends. I am especially morbidly fascinated by those with the girl taking a photo from a particular angle, because it makes me very determined to find a picture where the girl is *oh horrors* facing a different direction. But these girls are usually very determined to take from the same angle with the same smile, so I have yet to succeed. Each photo looks very surreal while very beautiful. (You can go ahead and ponder the irony that I don't post any photo of myself, yet I love to look at photos).

I remember once reading this lady's blog (she has stopped blogging), where she has a super pretty friend who always faces the camera from her left and with her head tilted. Imagine my shock, when I was walking past Cuppage Plaza on my way to Z's wedding (at Four Seasons), I saw that girl. Freaking hell, she was like 10X prettier, sexier and she was average height (but wearing super high kitten heels)! I had always assumed that she was short because her friends were taller than her.

She was smoking though, ewww, and standing next to the dustbin while holding the cigarette expertly between two manicured fingers. I was like visibly gaping, as if I saw a celebrity. She did give me a very nasty WTF face. But nonetheless, very beautiful.

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