Saturday, August 4, 2012

Inspiration roadblock cleared at last

I stopped painting for a while. I kind of hit an inspiration roadblock some months back when things got really bad at work and in life in general. Drawing, then painting, was an outlet for my frustrations. But when things got ugly between me and K, I thought about the painting I did for him as a belated birthday present, which he said at the time he was very touched about, but was now probably in some French incinerator or dump now, it really made me feel incredibly sad (well I was sad about the friendship, but I was even sadder about the painting).

Though I cannot say that I am that good an artist that my emotions can be captured on the canvas, but when I draw, write or paint, my thoughts and feelings really flow through the pen, keyboard and paintbrush onto the blank screen. Since then, I could not pick up a paintbrush and my paints are drying up under my table. And I swear that I will never paint or draw anything for anyone. Buying a present or food is easier.
So when I went to HM's place, I initially did not see the painting I did for Mrs HM as an Easter present (which was sent out together with K's but took a much longer journey to reach Germany) in the house, even though HM has mentioned that she liked it so much she put it in a place of honor. I could not find it in the living room or hallways, so I was a bit disappointed. I did say sadly to B1 that I did not see my Duckie Boo, which I had liked much more than the original one I did.

Then the day before we went back, I was switching off the light in the Badezimmer, when I caught something familiar in the darkness. I could see the outline of my Duckie Boo near the window sill (since I applied so many coats of paint to his yellow body, I could recognize him anywhere).

I am incredibly touched to realize Duckie is leaning against the wall near the bed.

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