Wednesday, August 8, 2012

WTF?! Someone has been stealing my shoes!

Jet Lag has made me stupid as well it appears. The day I went back to work, still addled-brained, I stood outside looking at my shoes, thinking to myself, hmm, I don't seem to have any wearable shoes left. Must go and buy...

I even told at least 2 colleagues that. So I bought this Mitju pair which I totally love, and was going to blog about it. Since I have a running series of blog entries on shoes I have been buying, I decided to check through the older entries to see what shoes I have been buying... when I realized. Hey, that brown pair is missing! And then I scrolled further back, two other pairs from another set were missing too!

I am definitely sure that the brown pair was outside my house before I left for Germany. I was working on the day I left, and came home very late, one hour before I was due to go to the airport. Since my aunt was helping to check on the house every other day, I thought it was no biggie.  Anyway when I think back, the black heels have been missing for a while...

What boggles my mind is that my shoes are not even expensive! Some years ago, my colleague came to work in a funk because her gorgeous leopard print pumps were stolen. Mind you, she was just carrying her baby into her mother-in-law's house then when she came out, her shoes were gone!!! But those were expensive!

I don't know what is worse, the fact that someone has been stealing my shoes or that I have been buying so many I didn't notice that they are missing...

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