Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Sewed a new lining for my Smelly Cat bag

I bought the smelly cat bag in Hanoi for S$6, which I once bitched that my S$350 Coach sunglasses fell out of it, while I was fighting my way out of the train during peak hour traffic.

And now its lining (cheap thin cloth) has torn. So I cut some green cotton and made a new lining. Unfortunately the first time I attempted it, I was very lazy and didn't hem my cloth. So naturally since I love to abuse the bag and carry lots of heavy books inside it, the weight torn the cloth from the stitches. 

In the end I spent last Sunday, sadly undoing all my stitches (which didn't tear, hmmph!) so that I can loosen the rest of the cloth. I then hemmed the cloth using the sewing machine and stitched the lining back into the bag.
Ignore the dirty floor, I was going to sweep the floor later. I am a filthy creature :P

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