Sunday, April 21, 2013

Those eyebrows - There was really nothing good on TV

The American fall season is winding down, a lot of the shows are on their 21st week or have ended already. There hasn't been any nice new shows, and some of the older ones are losing steam. My perennial favorite How I met your Mother is also going to end next season. So zzz.

So I am back on my ration of mindnumbing reality shows.

This season of Fashion Star is really not bad, at least this time some of the designers actually can design. My favorite is Silvia Arguello. She actually has a label called Rosa Clandestino, which has been recognized by Vogue Italia and other publications. Not sure why she decided to go mass market when it's pretty clear she is quite high-end. I thought her design this week of the leather jacket and mini skirt were quite boring.

My favorite was her draped mini dress.

Eva Longoria at least attempted to divert attention from her disastrous love life by bombing three eligible bachelors' on a new show called "Ready for Love". Think Bachelor but even more demeaning to women. One of them was Silvia's brother, Ernesto, who at least had an exotic accent, and looked pretty manly, versus the other two, Ben Patton and Tim Lopez. Tim Lopez's idea of a first date was to ask the women to watch him play a song with his band.

Then there is Ben Patton. I know he is a CEO of a hospital and must be very intelligent and all, but look at them eyebrows.
I cannot stand those eyebrows seriously. Everytime they show him, my eyes go straight to those black caterpillars, which look very well-maintained and metrosexual-like. Ew.

I pointed it out to The Salmon who said they looked fucked up. See? Even a guy thinks so. I am no beauty myself, but I cannot help but be distracted by distinctive features/ eyesores, e.g. protruding nose hairs, weird eyebrows...Thank god the show is cancelled seems to be moved to E! instead?

Lastly there is "one night stand" Lochte. His mother bombed while trying to picture her boy as someone who is dedicated to his sport, by saying "He goes out on one-night stands. He's not able to give fully to a relationship because he's always on the go" while he did not help matters either by clarifying his mother's comment as "She definitely was like, 'Why would they do that?' She is so oblivious to everything."

Makes you wonder whether his mother was speaking the truth in the first place.

So now he is totally playing up the dumb douchebag image by having his own reality tv show called "What would Ryan Lochte do?". He brings all the girls on the first dates to the same sushi place because "all girls like sushi". He points out that he likes his date because of her upper body. He dominates his younger brother and when he loses a bet and has to clean his brother's car with a toothbrush, he made sure it was his brother's toothbrush he used....

Then again, he very obligingly strips off to white skivvies and swimsuits everytime instead of wearing those irritating Fastskins. And there is a lot of swimming, which I like. Think of it as Jersey Shore but real tans and less violence?

What can I say, he is dumb and I am shallow. Then again he might not be so dumb, because if you act dumb, people don't expect you to be role models and be an example to younger fans. You can get away with doing dumb things and get loads of $$$, while still concentrating on your sport.

The con about the show is that I am now worried about the long term effects of chlorine in the swimming pool. Hahahaha.

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