Sunday, May 5, 2013

Tales of Stupid - Ang Mo Kio Nursery and me

I wanted to buy some more sticks to act as support for my fragile plants in the L-shape. The wind has been obsenely strong for the last few days, until one of my edamame branches snapped, losing a potential part of my harvest. So I thought I would cycle to the Ang Mo Kio nursery as well as return my books, instead of going to the library or the nurseries nearby.

Since I am still testing out the new routes, I decided to cycle to Ang Mo Kio via another way, which is shorter, if you are driving, than via my old way of cycling by the waterways. Turns out it was very very tedious and exhausting to cycle because it was uphill or downhill the entire way. 

I seriously died a little inside when I finally reached (about 45 min later) so I decided to rest a bit (and stink up the place) at the library before buying the sticks. Started reading furiously, and finally came out forty five minutes later with 8 books... only to find out the nursery had closed 15 minutes ago. 

For the win.

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