Friday, June 21, 2013

Seeing Humor during times of adversity - Hazed Singapore

The haze in Singapore has been getting worse, even going past 400 on the PSI today. Nonetheless everyone is trying to see the humor in the situation, like describing Singapore like "Genting (Highlands)" or "Silent Hill".
Some folks reminisced about an old show...
Others linked the Hello Kitty craze and the Haze.
For me, my nose and eyes are pretty sensitive, so I have been sneezing a lot and my eyes, watering, due to the irritation. I used to be able to see the CBD and Flyer from my apartment but now they have disappeared into the grey, scary whirls.

My Kollegen were also discussing whether the white side of the surgical masks should face outwards or inwards (turns out when you are sick, inwards, when you're not, outwards). But it doesn't matter because everyone is queuing for N95s.

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