Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Why it is important to know your friend's name

Duck was very hospitable and kind to me when I visited him in Vietnam two years back. So naturally I was very excited when it was his birth year and I could mail him something special, a commemorative coin from Singapore Mint.

Unfortunately I forgot his full name (I remembered the last word in his nick formed part of his name), and he changed his company address (he prefers that I mail to the office instead of his home). So I just wrote to Mr "the last word in his nick". Anyway shortly after I sent it out, he miraculously popped up in Skype, which he never after creating it, and he told me that at least 10 persons had the same "last word in his nick" in their names. Oh fun.

Well, after 2 months, the damn thing came back. Not too bad. It has restored my faith in the snail mail system :D Not sure if it was because it was registered mail.

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