Monday, August 25, 2014

Farm Kings

I've been watching farm kings since season 1. Almost went insane when I couldn't find any means to download season 2. Mein Gott, if these gorgeous hunks' show go on DVD, my usually skin flint self will shake out my last pennies to buy it.

Dan (left) is my particular favorite. I suspect he is his mother's favorite (out of 10 children) too, but then again could be because he is the handsome but awkward scrapegrace of the family. His three older brothers wouldn't give him a share of the farm and year after year, just kept dangling it like a carrot in front of him. This year he stood up to them and actually left the family business to work for a family friend as a construction worker (yet another shirtless delightful occupation). What a waste, when his true calling should be model. Doesn't he look really droolsome in the photo?

Anyway that's the plot for this season (other than this ostensible desire to look more and more duck dynasty from the rest of the guys with the beards and camouflage jackets). Vater said something along the same lines too, it sucks to work for family. The family expect more from you, and the other staff see you as the enemy/spy. And you get paid badly and work shit hours. I don't think he would leave the show (after all, I think he is the other reason most women watch this show).

It is seriously insane how Pa and Ma King can create such good looking men and woman between themselves. Or could it be that eating fresh vegetables is the trick? I am all for healthy living now~!

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