Saturday, August 23, 2014

Singapore Gardening Festival

Went to the garden festival with my mother. Thought it was kind of boring, I had more fun walking around the stalls, and spent S$29.80 buying plants. I bought two discidia, one torenia, two orchids, two succulents and one bag of sphagnum moss. I didn't drive, so the orchid uncle was very nice and helped me arrange the orchids and associated so that the stems wouldn't break on my trip back.

There were a few workshops. Mutter and I watched the floral arrangement workshop and scored a couple of exotic rose blooms from the lady doing the demonstration.
Joke was that for the rest of the day, we kept getting accosted by staff and visitors alike, demanding how we got the roses. It was as if they thought we plucked them off the displays. *roll eyes*

Heard from Mr Bear who went twice, that on the last Saturday, the Thai stallholders were dropping prices like mad, 66% discount, which made the local stallholders angry. Naturally because freighting those delicate orchids back to Thailand would cost too much. I'd think they would rather sell for whatever they could get than bring them back.

Mr Bear bought two orchids (I saw them selling at S$20 and S$30 apiece), at S$5 and S$10 respectively. Since I don't really like orchids, I wasn't very envious. Now if it had been roses that he had gotten...

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