Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Conspiracy Thoughts -> Man with Car == Man with Girlfriend?

I am not quite sure about this. But it seems to be that the probability that a guy (no matter how ugly, short, fat or stupid) he is, as long as he has a car, he has a girlfriend. Of course we are not talking Chery QQ, but a Toyota Vios minimum. But seriously a man with a car == a man with Girlfriend. Note: the car must be his in order for this statement to be true.

I don't think I have ever seen a guy with a car and no chick. Unless there is something so seriously wrong with him. Like very nasty or very plus-sized. But even if so, the likelihood that he at least had a girlfriend before is very high. It could be that his ugly personality that run her off. Is that why car adverts don't target at lonely men. Buy a Car, Get a Chick.

I think the last time someone brought this up with me, was our old friend Labrador. Hmm, I wonder how is he now. Good Game you have his number? The last time he called, he was doing the Flyer. Wow, that was bloody long ago.

Anyway, he said this to me. I didn't want to think the chicks were that mercenary. Even now, I prefer to give girls the benefit of the doubt and say they are just being efficient. Sigh.

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