Saturday, May 2, 2009

Detroit Metal City really rox!!!

Negishi-kun always wanted to become a trendy singer (I am not quite sure what the Japanese's idea of being trendy is, all I know is... it looks pretty gay). He left his hometown in Oita Prefecture to go to college, and after graduation, strums his gay trendy little tunes at a little junction. He tells his mother he is working at a flower shop (apparently you need a college degree to be a florist?), but actually he is a death rock singer. He deeply resents his Sir Krauser II persona, and the music he plays goes against his desires to be a gay trendy singer, singing offensively diabetic tunes like "My Sweet Love".

"I wake up one morning
You're baking a cheese tart
My sweet baby
That's you
My true love
Let's head out to the trendy part of town
Cheese tart in the hand
You're skipping by my side."


Contrast this with lines from his hit single "Put aside my wrath" (less offensive than the other song) as Sir Krauser II:
I shall punish you for your crimes
I'm a messenger from Hell
I shall tear you from limb to limb
Am I to put aside my wrath?"

Typical Japanese movie with twisted Japanese logic, but endearing nonetheless. Haha, his "This won't make me wet" manager is the queen after my heart.

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