Saturday, May 23, 2009

So what Wasabi Tei's Chef Grump was serving

As I was saying, we were at Sembawang Shopping Centre's Daiso outlet. I checked out the Bento section, as my usual wont, and B1 bought me some cute little containers to separate the different flavors. I was especially attracted by the animal-head sauce containers.


I finally found out what the ingredient in the starter the Wasabi Tei Chef Pehpeh usually serves, was exactly. It's called Renji de Nimono Hijiki, and contains the petrified Hijiki seaweed and carrots.

Preparation is super easy. Just add 70ml (actually should be more) water to it and zap it in a 600W microwave in 1 min. After tasting it, I think it tastes exactly like the way the uncle serves it, missing the roasted meat bits that the uncle boils down with the seaweed. Somewhat addictive if you like the savory taste.

Before cooking:

After cooking:

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