Friday, May 29, 2009

A tale of Google, Micro$oft and me (told by my boss)

This morning I was talking to my immediate boss and grumbling that I was rejected by Google. ( I was kidding, I was whining that they haven't given me the developer account to the Google Wave sandbox). No, I haven't had the balls to apply yet, I was still hoping that my idea of pimping the guys would hold water. He thought that I actually applied, and was gloating because I was rejected by Micro$oft less than a year ago.

He reminded me of the time when we were at Micro$oft for a meeting (so ironic, we almost had a collaboration with them six months after my rejection. I was kidding with my office crowd that I was going there to stare at all of them to see who took my job) and he illustrated a very funny diagram of me staring between the bars at Micro$oft Singapore's 22nd floor out at the opposite building where the Google office was. (I actually did, while waiting for the counterpart to show up for the meeting, much to the consternation of the receptionist. Those bars were very narrow)

I realised now that I made a mistake staring across and I pointed that out in my boss' erronous drawing. What I should have been doing should be looking up. Google is on the 38th Floor of the 1 Raffles Quay. Don't know who the hell are the people I have been staring at instead.

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