Friday, May 21, 2010

Ah Chung Mian Xian 阿宗麵線

The minute we chucked our stuff at the Wonstar hotel room, we wandered over to the Ah Chung Mian Xian Ximending branch. They offer three sizes (1) small @ NT45 (2) big @ NT60 (3) container @ NT120.

I thought it was ok (I am biased against it because it was most unpleasant balancing a hot heavy bowl while standing and my inexperienced hand always landed one or two sticky strands of mianxian on my chin. Urgh. There is no tap, but there was tissue paper), B1 loved it. He loved it so much he ate it 5 times (I ate 4 times, I got sick of it one time). I figure that the significant ingredient is bonito flakes, the others being cilantro, mian xian (boiled really long), six to seven bits of pig intestines, vinegar (I just thought of something else, will include if it really tastes right. It just occurred to me that I could have took one bowl back so that I can re-examine the contents in the kitchen). I am dying to recreate it though when I am not exactly sure as I am not sure that it can be replicated exactly... hmm. You can top it up with three flavored mixtures of chili sauce, black vinegar or garlic with soya sauce. And the stall now have grey flowery stools for fans to slurp up the bowls of hot sticky broth.

We saw this eye-catching and pretty fruit stall. They had little propeller fans to drive away flies and they suddenly pulled the cart behind the pillar when they saw the police come by on scooters. A bit ineffectual, I thought, but was intrigued that the police actually passed by, as if unable to see the large and garish display and its anxious owners lurking behind a white pillar.

To visit Ah Chung Mian Xian, leave by Exit 6 at the Ximen MRT station, do a U-turn and walk along the busy road then turn to the strangely only paved road at Ximending. Ah Chung is one of the shops on the left side of the paved road.

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