Saturday, May 29, 2010

What's Good for You

I am delighted to know that Singapore now shows Australia's What's Good for you (Season 2) on Sunday mornings at 1030hrs. I love that show, and I watch it as often as I do A Current Affair (though the recent change to the NineMSN website is driving me up the wall, and I don't visit that site much anymore)

On today's episode, they were talking about how to prolong your life. Other than the usual blah blah about eating well, living well, exercise mentally and physically, the most interesting part I found was about getting married. Apparently, if you are a man and you get married, you get to prolong your life by 7 years!!! This is made on the assumption that your wife looks after your needs and is your very confidant. Conversely if you are a woman... don't get married. Single women live longer than married woman. Same situation arises when you have children. Men's lives are prolonged if they have daughters. While whether or not she has a son or daughter, every child reduces a woman's lifespan.

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